When you combine the golf knowledge and pedigree of Tommy Jordan with the modern technology of Accelerized Golf you have a rare and powerful combination. Tommy has given my daughter Amanda the ability and confidence to play NCAA D1 golf on scholarship. The help and guidance we have received from Tommy and AG has far exceeded our expectations.

I am forever grateful

Kenny Hall
Whether you are a beginner or someone wishing to eliminate bad swing habits, I highly recommend the Accerlerized system. The system of “hot lines” allows you to learn correctly, practice correctly, and notice when bad habits are starting to creep back into the swing. The person that said “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” never used a system like this. And, with Tommy Jordan’s guidance, my swing has never been better nor have I ever hit it further!

Tim Romeo
I take great pride in offering my support of Tommy Jordan’s outreach to junior golfers. My association with Tommy and Susan go back to when Tommy’s dad Dr. Jack Jordan served on the South Carolina Golf Association board beginning in 1975. I remember Doc’s pride in his son’s passion for golf. Tommy takes great pride in his ability to help golfers especially the juniors. Tommy’s passion has obviously been passed on to his wife, Susan, who has handled our SCJGA York Junior Chapter since its inception in 1990. Tommy and Susan are great assets to golf and Tommy is credit to his profession. I am proud that the Jordans are part of our team.

Happ Lathrop - Executive Director of SCGA
Tommy. Managed to maintain angle some today. Hit some beauties. Made six birdies. Big cash profits. Got to keep at it. Thanks!

Tom Fagerli
"Almost without exception, my trips to the driving range for "practice" are nothing more than a continuing reinforcement of our golf swing faults! The old adage, "practice makes perfect" is wrong. Practice makes permanent! Only perfect practice makes perfect! Once you have received the basics from the AG instruction, the real beauty of the deal is that you can practice economically in front of the cameras. With your pre-drawn lines on the screen, you can reinforce perfect practice without worrying about relapsing to your old faults - which you will invariably do if don't have the benefit of being able to see what you are doing." "Some years ago, an instructor told me, ‘you don't feel like you look and you don't look like you like you feel!’ In other words, you aren't doing what you think you are doing in the golf swing. I have found that practice sessions in front of the AG cameras let me see exactly what I am doing, and even more importantly, to link that action to a feel, which is the only way you are going to be able to ‘take it to the course’. I believe the basic instruction from AG coupled with continued practice in front of their cameras is the absolute best golf instruction money can buy, and we are most fortunate to have it available locally."

Rick Daymon
"I have been working with the Accelerized Golf Learning System since 2002 when I was 14 years old. Initially I used the system with instruction from my teacher, Tommy Jordan to make my swing be good enough to hold up under tournament pressure. Today my swing is very much like I want it to be and I'm using the AG system for maintenance about once a month. If I start to go back to any of my old tendencies I get a lesson and get back on the right track. I'm so glad it's here, I love it!!"

Taylor Barrett, York, SC
Former SC High School State Champion and #1 ranked junior in SC.  Taylor just completed her 4th year playing for the USC Lady Gamecocks.