You will only know what a great golf swing is like if you are forced to make one!Hot Lines will not let you sway your hips. Hot Lines will make you take the club back on plane in your backswing. Hot Lines will not allow you to cross the line at the top of your swing. Hot Lines will force a proper pivot. Hot Lines are invisible boundaries around your body and golf club that will force you to make the right swing. Hit a Hot Line and the ball will literally disappear.

This means the difference between truly correcting a difficult swing change and making it permanent or being stuck with the inconsistent motion you know all too well. Breaking 100 for the first time and getting your handicap to single digits or even helping touring professionals make a swing change that will assist in tournament wins are all events happening to Accelerized students right now. This is accomplished through technology developed with Accelerized Golf which is re-educating golfers abilties on how to build and maintain a flawless golf swing. "Hot Lines" gives golfers the ability to focus on swing changes by providing instantaneous and dramatic feedback.

Your instructor will diagnose your swing with multiple camera angles and unique reference points which are used to analyze both the position of your body and golf club. "Hot Lines" will be placed where a club or body part should or shouldn't be. If a "Line" is tripped, the ball will drop into a recessed area below the ground and the golfer will not be able to reinforce the wrong swing position. The golfer will be foreced to get into the proper swing position and then be rewarded with the strike of a golf ball. Finally, the instructor will form a practice plan utilizing the one-of-a-kind "Hot Lines" technology to reinforce perfect practice.

For the first time in the history of golf you have the ability to practice correctly. Your success as a ball striker will be based upon changing swing mechanics first and ball flight second. Our patented Hot Lines provide you with the ability to practice your swing mechanics even when your professional is not watching. Gone are the wasted and counterproductive hours of beating balls on a driving range. Diagnosis, sequencing the solution, and the ability to reinforce proper technique while practicing is what sets Accelerized Golf a world apart from all other instruction and training methods. Glancing up for a quick check of your setup on a computer screen, avoiding a strategically placed Hot Line, or reviewing hi-speed video for verification will safeguard against drifting back into old habits and keep you on track for continual progress. The result is simple. Whether you are a beginner or tour player, Hot Lines will dramatically speed up the learning process.