Accelerized Golf utilizes a state of the art COMPUTER AIDED GOLF INSTRUCTION training system developed by the world renowned golf instructor, George Kelnhofer of Accelerized Golf in Atlanta, GA- teacher of PGA Tour greats: Stewart Clink, David Duval, Charles Howell III, and Craig Perks.

During an instruction session, a student is video taped from 3 camera angels and a computer is then used to draw reference lines so the swing can be measured at each pertinent position. Side-by-side comparisons to world-class professionals of equal build to that student are used chosen from a library of over 10,000 swings.

The instructor will then include the student in the process of laying out a road map to correcting each necessary fundamental that needs improvement. "Hot Lines" will then be installed working on one component of the student's swing at a time.

An entire copy on video of the lesson with audio will be given to the student for personal review before their next session. The student will be encouraged to practice utilizing the "Hot Lines" after the session or within 48 hours after each lesson.

Every golfer can have a great golf swing! World-class players have common characteristics in their golf swings. Accelerized Golf and its group of experienced instructors will help you achieve those same similarities in your swing in significantly less time than conventional teaching methods.

These characteristics are the fundamentals of a great golf swing and are based on the principals of physics and geometry. Every lesson at Accelerized Golf will focus you on applying these principles to your swing. Using multiple camera angles and Accelerized Golf's unique reference lines, diagnosing swing flaws is clear and quantifiable. Swing improvements are presented in a sequential order that allow you to build a long lasting solution to better ball striking. Your instructor will help you see each improvement as it takes place. A strategically placed "Hot Line" will help you feel a change that would otherwise be impossible. For each lesson, your pro will develop a practice plan utilizing Accelerized Golf's one-of-a-kind "Hot Lines" technology. Your ability to improve your golf game will be ensured through quality instruction and proper practice.

The result will be the ability to repeat the fundamentals of a world-class golf swing during your practice sessions and most importantly on the golf course.